Content in this issue includes: Vancouver Island Circumnavigation II; Madagascar; Ireland Circumnavigation - Misha Hoichman on his and Alon Ohad’s trip around the Emerald Isle; A guide to playing the tide races of Holy Island, Anglesey - Phil Clegg’s third and final article on playing in tide races; Lessons Learnt; Forward Paddling - The most important stroke in Sea Kayaking - Nigel Dennis shows you how; Too afraid to ask - But I thought a Transit was a van?; Reviewed - The P+H Scorpio, Jodi Bigelow’s ‘Kayaking for Fitness’, ‘Ken Whiting’s Rolling a kayak - sea kayaking’, Kokatat’s SeaO2 Buoyancy Aid, The Olympus 1030SW - the ultimate camera for sea kayakers?; Brian Wilson’s ‘Stern Words’.