Contribute to Ocean paddler

Image: SKUK Explorer HV review OP#2. Photo: Richard Parkin.

Our mission is a simple one – we want to publish a magazine that features the very best writing, the best photography and the most informed, unbiased reviews!

To this end we already have a number of confirmed contributors, but are happy to consider further submissions. We do ask however that you make yourself familiar with the content and quality of the magazine and we ask that you send the Editor a brief synopsis of the article you would like to contribute! Please check with the Editorial team by email before writing a synopsis as we may already have a similar article planned for a future issue. We will only accept a synopsis by email – please email these to

To be considered for publication both the article and photographs need to be of the highest standards and quality. We accept only digital photography files and ask that these are taken on professional / prosumer (6mp plus) digital cameras at the highest quality setting.

Accepting your article and photographs does not guarantee that it will appear in the magazine.

It’s important to us that the article and photographs you submit have not been published before, either in print or on the Internet and that they will not be used in any other publications for a minimum of three months after publication in Ocean Paddler.

Proposals and unsolicited submissions

Proposals and unsolicited submissions are always considered, but please do not waste our time or yours! Make sure you understand the style of the magazine and who our readers are. Please don’t ring or email the editor (unless asked to do so) to discuss your unsolicited proposal.

Handy hints – writers!

If you would like to contribute to Ocean Paddler Magazine, your article should be clear, have a beginning, middle and an end. Keep to the point and maintain a flow.

The article should have a clear theme.

Appeal to the senses – write vividly, passionately!

Use the appropriate tense – usually ‘past tense’.

In order to pull the reader in your opening paragraph should be your strongest.

Don’t be afraid to show both the good and the bad sides of a trip; always present an honest account.

Avoid ‘blandness’ at all times, be descriptive, be emotive, avoid unnecessary language, and always avoid clichés!

Double check your facts and be wary of making generalisations that you cannot be sure of.

We will not tolerate any racist, sexist or otherwise discriminatory writing.

Create an interesting chronology – no day one, day two, etcetera.

Write economically and selectively – be your own worst critic – or ask someone else to be!

Please avoid macho nonsense, where failure to read a chart or listen to a weather forecast got you into trouble.

By submitting an article to be considered for publication you are confirming that you have copyright over the text submitted and that we have the right to publish the text in whole or edited.

Handy hints – photographers!

We prefer approximately 20-30 images to choose from. If you have significantly more, we suggest eliminating those of poor or questionable quality. Be hyper critical; we will only consider the highest quality images for publication.

Accepted image formats

High-resolution digital files only. we prefer low-resolution JPEGs for initial selection and approval. If an article is approved for publication, we will request high-resolution files in JPEG or TIFF format to be sent via disc or uploaded to our ftp site.

Image quality / composition

Sharp focus, good, clear composition is essential.

Subjects should be attractively framed – consider the ‘rule of thirds’.

Contrast must be good, colours rich and vivid.

Exposure must be correct (no overexposed or underexposed images will be considered for publication.)

A photograph showing an interesting perspective or taken from an unusual angle really catches the eye!

A portrayal of safe, correct kayaking practices (BAs should be worn in most cases).

A mix of ‘on-the-water’ ‘active’ (paddling, cooking, map reading etc) and scenery (unique to the location) photographs are desirable as are shots of flora, fauna and culture / people particular to the area paddled – please avoid bow shots whenever possible!

Cover images must be of the very highest quality and need to be in a portrait orientation.

Submitting images to Ocean Paddler

All images should be previously unpublished, unless special permission is obtained from the Editor.

By submitting images to be considered for publication you are confirming that you have copyright of, or permission from the copyright holder and that we (the publisher) have the right / permission to publish / reproduce them. Paddle Press Media cannot therefore be held responsible for the publication of any images that contributors have submitted.

Please contact Ocean Paddler’s editorial department with questions. Low-resolution sample digital files can be sent in JPEG format via email to: