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Image: SKUK Explorer HV review. OP#2. Photo: Richard Parkin.

Ocean Paddler Back Issues

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Ocean Paddler #73

Content is this fantastic issue include: 360˚ • News • Circumnavigating the Mongolian Ocean • Making the shot 19 - Documenting your emotions - not reality • More than meets the eye - paddling by feel in low visibility • Shop Talk - • On edge • Paddling and sailing in the Cyclades Islands - experiencing the Greece of years gone by • Fish senses • Tasmanian Temptations • Odyssey • Reviewed - the P&H Virgo • Getaways - travel and expedition inspiration • Stern Word.

Ocean Paddler #72

Content in this issue includes: 360˚ • News • Muckle Flugga or Bust • Making the shot 18 - Mountains • It’s not that far • You’ve got a Point • Challenge • Nadgee Wilderness • Video Analysis •The wrong way around Sweden • Getaways - travel and expedition inspiration • Stern Words - End of an era.

Ocean Paddler #71

Content in this issue includes: 360˚• News • My Superior Summer • Making the shot 17 - photographing the same place • Barreling along • Starfish, Consciousness, and the BCU - through the study of echinoderms • Linking the local coastline • Power • Rock hopping fundamentals 4 - Incident management • Reviewed - the P&H Valkyrie • Reviewed - the Aqua-Bound Whiskey • Getaways - travel and expedition inspiration • Stern Words 

Ocean Paddler #70

Content in this issue includes: 360˚• News • Sharky constellations - Beautiful Baja part 2 • Making the shot - fog • Best practices for rolling • Staying balanced • Almost there - the art and creativity of crossings • Haida Gwaii • Be the change • Rock hopping fundamentals 3 • Reviewed - the Rockpool Kayaks Bach Eto • Getaways - travel and expedition inspiration • Stern Words - to guide and protect.

Ocean Paddler #69

Content in this issue includes: 360˚ • News • The Jewel of the Sea of Cortez - Beautiful Baja part 1 • Exploratory trip to Myanmar • To FSK or not to FSK • 10 years of Expedition Kayaks • Paddling Man • Making the shot 16 - Equipment for Seascape Photography • Rock hopping fundamentals 2 • Blade awareness - feel the pressure • Back to Basics - Forward Paddling • Trust and the kayak • Getaways - travel and expedition inspiration • Stern Words.

Ocean Paddler #68

Content in this fantastic issue includes: 360˚• News • The Great Bear Rainforest • Green initiatives for the paddling industry •Mentorship in sea kayaking • A guide to playing the sea in West Cornwall • Rough water rolling • Light in the sea • ISKGA Guide Profile - Eileen Murphy • Making the shot 15 - Those big foregrounds • Rock hopping fundamentals • Getting better - the myriad benefits of cross-training • Arctic Adventures • SKAMPI - reducing marine pollution, stroke by stroke • The call of the Weather Islands • Getaways - travel and expedition inspiration • Competition - win a Reed King Greenland paddle • Stern Words - Looking out.

Ocean Paddler #67

Content in this issue includes - 360˚• News • Roof of Britain • Unfinished business - a sea kayak journey to the BAARE base site at Nativit • A guide to playing the sea in central-south Cornwall • Togetherness - a closer look at the elusive foundation of sea kayak safety • Ocean optimism • Making the shot 13 - Winter kayaking with a camera • Surf Ski 3 - Performance surf ski • Skook’ 17.4 - sea kayak surfing the biggest tidal exchange • Competition - win a Peak UK Explorer Zip • Back to Basics - effective loading of your sea kayak and sea kayak handling for expedition laden sea kayaks • Getaways - travel and expedition inspiration • Stern Words - Less is more

Ocean Paddler #66

Content in this issue includes - 360˚• News • Alaska • The Night Sky part 2 - International library of imagination • Between panic and play - kayaking’s great teachers • At the edge of the ice • Confessions of a purist • Making the shot 12 - Waterfalls • Park ‘n’ Play USA - The big one - Tofino, BC • Exoskeletons in the closet • Surf Ski 2 - Downwind paddling • Getaways - travel and expedition inspiration • Stern Words - coach or leader?

Ocean Paddler #65

Content in this issue includes: 360˚• News • Three Peaks • The Night Sky part 1 - The Dark side • A guide to playing the sea - South east Cornwall: Rame Head to Fowey • Summer in Sognefjord • An Inside view of the CEO of Expedition Engineering • Surf Ski • Making the shot 11 - Photograph your campsite • # WithTheFlow • Review: Zegul Arrow Play MV PE • Review: Peak UK 2018 Explorer Zip and Adventure Double Jacket • Getaways - travel and expedition inspiration • Stern Words - One who is born before another.

Ocean Paddler #64

360˚• News • Bass Strait • Paper Nautilus - Fragile ancient mariners • Back to basics - Surf landings • ISKGA Guide profile - Dr Jürg Endres • Living the dream • Paddle Pickup • Making the shot 10 - Little changes - big impact • Park ‘n’ Play USA • The Rockpool Taran • Competition - win a Palm Shuck • Inside view - Gearlab Paddles • Getaways - travel and expedition inspiration • Stern Words - Honi soit Qui Mal y Pense.

Ocean Paddler #63

Content in this issue includes: 360˚• News • Duncan Ramsay Winning OBE 1940-2018 • Pure Wight - a geological guide to the Needles and Old Harry Rocks • Born again paddler • A guide to playing the sea in south Devon • Life in the splash zone • Making the shot 9 - expedition photography tips • Shake it up • Kayak tethers - a paddler’s lifeline • ISKGA Guide Profile - Kristoffer Vandbakk • Incident Management - putting it all together • Back to Basics - Surf launching and landing • Instagram Gallery - Jason Self • Getaways - travel and expedition inspiration • Stern Words - Followship.

Ocean Paddler #62

Content in this issue includes: 360˚• News • Pacific Surf - a coastal play expedition • Back to Basics - expedition planning • A quick chat with Freya • Sea Kayaking Kefalonia - an inside view • Making the shot 8 - everything you need to know about camera settings in 10 paragraphs • Staying alive • Incident Management - after the incident • Reviewed - Chillcheater Aquatherm Full Paddle Suit with waist seal and the Chillcheater Transpire Fleece Set • Islands, endemics and redefining normal • Instagram Gallery - William McCluskey • Getaways - travel and expedition inspiration • Stern Words - Social media.

Ocean Paddler #61

Content in this issue includes: 360˚• News • Cockleshell Heroes • Kayaking on the rocks • Building the team - helping decisions flow • CNC Vember - design and build your own British style sea kayak • Lightweight cook kit for solo sea kayaking • East Greenland • Making the shot 7 - gone mirrorless • Shanny me the way to go home • Calling for assistance and handing over • Cold water safety - what you don’t know could kill you • ISKGA Profile - Ian Prickett • Elements Arctic Camp - an inside view • Instagram Gallery - kristoffervan • Getaways - travel and expedition inspiration • Stern Words - Karma Waters.

Ocean Paddler #60

Content in this issue includes: 360˚• News • Kernow Grand Tour - Itinerant holidaying around Cornwall’s Atlantic shores • Quick decisions - the value of experience • Paddling in a Winter Wonderland • Island bagging • Making the most of our kit: Six uses for a group shelter • Five steps to take before you christen your new sea kayak • ISKGA profile - Matthew Larsson-Clifford • Making the shot 6 - the Northern Lights • Seasonal Delights - Strandlines • Where is my mind? • Reviews: Palm’s Winter Wonderland • Reed Chillcheater - an inside view • Reviews: Reed Chillcheater Tuiliq and the Kajak-Sport Inuksuk • Instagram Gallery - Capt8 • Getaways: Travel and expedition inspiration • Shop talk - South Coast Canoes • Competition - win a Reed Chillcheater Tuiliq.

Ocean Paddler #59

Content in this issue includes: 360˚• News • Fresh to salt, Loch Shiel to the sea part 2: The River Shiel to the Sound of Arisaig • Paddling in the Tropics • Back to basics 6: Towing and rescues • Vancouver Island • A bit of a saga 4: Relax and roll • Seasonal Delights: Barnacle Booty • Food for long days • Paddling with gray whales in northern California • Incident management: First Aid kits • Decisions 2: Power to the people • Reclaiming adventure • Reviews: Rebel Kayaks Greenland T, Palm Neoflex shortsleeve top, Palm Roof rack pads and Palm Cam straps • Making the shot 5: Stormy weather and wave textures • Getaways: Travel and expedition inspiration • Instagram Gallery • Stern Words: The lure of the graceful Greenland Paddle.

Ocean Paddler #58

Content in this issue includes:

360˚• News • North Dalmatia - the islands that time forgot • Stockholm to Turku • Decisions: We’re not as rational as we think • Seasonal Delights - Sea jellies • Back to Basics 5 - Towing part 1 • A bit of a saga 3 - Strength to weight • Incident Management - moving people • Fresh to salt, Loch Shiel to the sea Part 1: In search of St Finan’s Bell • ISKGA profile - Jaime Sharp • P&H Scorpio MKII HV in CoreLite X with Skudder, a long-term test • GEARLAB AUKANECK review • Making the shot - Tybee Island Pier • Getaways - expedition inspiration • Competition: Win a GEARLAB AUKANECK • Stern Words - women in paddling.

Ocean Paddler #57

Content in this issue includes: 360˚; News ; Fleurieu Peninsula - South Australia’s Sea Kayak Trail; Five day fjord fantasy; Load and Drive; Kayaking as a Metaphor for Life: Perspective; Greenland Paddler - Why preserve the history of Kayaking?; Back to Basics 4 - Self-rescues; Why we need whales; Greenland Kayak Building with Maligiaq; A bit of a saga 2 - catching up with the class of 2016; Isle of Skye part 12 - Kylerhea to Isleornsay; Incident Management - Assessing a Casualty; Norway’s Best 2; Peak UK Adventure One Piece and Ocean Bothy reviews; Making the Shot 3 - Balance ; Getaways - Expedition inspiration; Competition: win a Peak UK Ocean Bothy; Not so Stern Words.

Ocean Paddler #56

Content in OP#56 includes: 360˚; News; The Lost Coast - a kayak trip in Chilean Patagonia; The Faroe Islands - a secret, north Atlantic gem; Drugs and kayaking; KayaKid; Either kill me, or save me; Incident Management; Isle of Skye part 11 - Breakish to Kylerhea; I am a Guillemot; Back to Basics 3 - the deep-water rescue; Mark and Richard - of saltwater and friendship; Norway’s Best 1; GEARLAB paddles review; Making the Shot 2 - Scouting; A bit of a saga; Getaways; Competition - Win a GEARLAB NUKILIK; Stern Words...

Ocean Paddler #55

Content in OP#55 includes: 360˚; News; Mick MacRobb Tribute; The Cold Edge: Three sea kayakers circumnavigate Svalbard; Reflective practice to improve performance; Lessons Learned; Kayaking as a metaphor for life; Skye part 10: Sconser to Breakish; Worms, glorious worms!; Back to Basics 2: Edging; Navigation: mistakes; Greenland Paddler: Fall fun with the Finns;  Vancouver Island: the pros and cons of a performance approach; Making the shot: Who am I?; Getaways and Stern Words.  Peak UK competition: Win a Stretch fleece top and Stretch fleece pants!

Ocean Paddler #54

Content in this issue includes: 360˚; Greenland Paddler - Stokkøya 2016; ‘In the wake of the Finmen’; ‘Jura and Islay: by two sounds, two lochs, a gulf and a portage part 2’; The little big one – an account of Lee Taylor’s solo circumnavigation of Iceland; Navigation 16 - Latitude and Longitude Lines; Seasonal Delights from Skomer Island; 'A community of paddlers' takes a look at the fantastic work of Chicago Adventure Therapy; Back to Basics: The Sweep stroke; Two Taiwanese neoclassical paddling enthusiasts and a carbon stick; expedition inspiration in the form of our Getaways section and reviews of the Pyranha Octane and the Motionize Paddle Edge. 

Ocean Paddler #53

Content in this issue Includes: 360˚/ News / What’s on  / Jura and Islay / The Lofoten Islands / Navigation: Doubling the angle on the Bow Fix / Physical consideration and conditioning for sea kayakers / The Great Escape /  Living the dream / Seasonal Delights: Forests of the sea / Northern Jutland / Greenland Paddler: bombproofing your roll / Greenland Paddler: Anders Thygesen / Review: Valley Sirona and Sirona RM / Review: P&H Scorpio MKII MV in CoreLite X /Getaways / ISKGA guide profile / Competition: Win a Gearlab Kayakid / Stern words: Looking back.

Ocean Paddler #52

Content in this issue Includes: 360˚/ News / What’s on / Life without plastic / Menorca circumnavigation / Senja - Land of the midnight sun / Ongoing review / Performance psychology / Navigation: Getting lost / Greenland paddler / Something for the weekend / Seasonal Delights / The psychology of solo paddling / Rolling is all in your mind / Combat rescue II / Pre trip planning / Return to the forts / Learning from experience / Next issue / Getaways / ISKGA guide profile / Competition: Win a pair of Peak UK / Stretch Fleece Pants / Stern words: Casualty or victim.

Ocean Paddler #51

Content in this issue Includes: 360˚/ Girls Go Round: Corsica / The whales of Kvaløya / Should I stay or should I go? / Isle of Skye part 9: Staffin to Sconser / ISKGA expedition series – that awful moment you thought would never happen / Paddling lightly: the mindful ocean paddler / Navigation 13: handrails, fences and checkpoints / Greenland paddler / Combat rescue / Return to Tiree, part 2 / Sea Kayak Kaizen / Kayak weather / Getaways / ISKGA guide profile: Daniel Bengtsson / Competition – Win Ocean Paddler goodies and a pair of SeaSpecs / Stern Words: sea shepherds.

Ocean Paddler #50

Content in this issue Includes: 360˚/ Strange Places to Paddle: Discovering Myanmar’s Myeik Archipelago / Turning point: The heart of a circumnavigation / Seasonal delights: The big five-O / The Falls of Lora: The UK’s top sea kayak park-and-play spot / Navigation - Understanding Tides Part Two / Sharks and ocean paddler / Power play: Six tricks for supercharging your forward stroke / ISKGA Expedition Series - Leadership for Expedition Sea Kayak Guides / Greenland Paddles for the modern day paddler / Top Tips before Getting Wet / Self Rescues / Reviewed: Rockpool Tarantella / This is the Roll 2 / Getaways / Competition - Win a GEARLAB NUTILIK


Jim Wilson; 360˚ / News / Return to Tiree part 1 / Unfinished Business / Seasonal Delights – Know your Wracks / Kayak Kaizen / The Isle of Skye / Navigation – Understanding tides / Bushcraft  / ISKGA Expedition series – Paddling in ice / Batteries not required / Transporting sea kayaks / Shop talk – Kanocentrum Arjan Bloem. Reviewed P&H Scorpio MK2 MV with Skudder and P&H Code Zero Sail, Long-term test and review: Lettmann Black Light Greenland paddle.


Content in this issue includes: 360˚ / What’s on / Baja on steroids: circumnavigating Mexico’s second-largest island, Angel de la Guarda / Ionian Village Hopping / Seasonal Delights – Celebrating Lichens / Kayak Kaizen / Greenland Paddler: A dichotomy of paddles: East meets west / Navigation: Magnetic North Lines / Sea kayaking guide to the Isle of Bute and surrounding waters: Part 2 / ISKGA Series: Paddling in hostile environments / Shop Talk: Pacific Outfitters / DIY: Let people know what you are carrying and where / Is It “All in Your Mind”? Reviewed: AT Oracle and KayakPro Compact Ergo / Getaways / ISKGA Profile: Rob Mercer.


Content in this issue includes: 360˚ / What’s on / Chasing the Trilogy in British Columbia / The Mull of Kintyre to the Clyde part 4: Ardlamont to Ardrossan / Seasonal delights: Mighty marine molluscs / Bushcraft: Summer foraging / Growing up a girl / Be seen part 2 / Navigation: Dead Reckoning / Greenland Paddler: Qajaq Camp / Sea kayaking guide to the Isle of Bute and surrounding waters part 1 / ISKGA Profile: James Wilson / ISKGA expedition skills: Rescue / Reviewed: Flat Earth Kayak Sails Trade Wind 8, The KCS Expedition trolley.


Content in this issue includes: Aleutians / The Mull of Kintyre to the Clyde. Part 3: Gigha to the Clyde via the Tarbert portage / Be Seen / Bushcraft: Spring Wild Food Foraging / Seasonal Delights Puffing Pigs / Isle of Skye Loch Pooltiel to Loch Greshornish / Navigation: Understanding Magnetic Deviation and How to Fix it / Greenland Paddler Paddling in Skinny Jeans / ISKGA Profile: Peter Bray / Sea Kayak Kaizen: The Splits Stash Story / ISKGA: Expedition Skills - Shelter / Shop Talk: Sea Kayaking Cornwall. Reviewed: Paddle-sailing the P&H Aries 155, P&H Aries 155 with forward fin, Kari-Tek and P&H-branded Flat Earth Code Zero 0.8 m2 kayak sail comparison.


Patagonia: In search of the Hidden Glaciers / The Mull of Kintyre to the Clyde: part two Cara and Gigha / Seasonal Delights: Sea Anemones / Flowers of the deep / Bushcraft: Introduction to tracking wildlife / Ten Ways to Challenge your Kayaking Comfort Zone / Epic Paddles Series: Mendocino / Courage in Navigation / Greenland Paddler: The Tuilik Challenge / ISKGA Profile: Nick Arding / Sea Kayak Kaizen: Quick Draw Paddle Park / ISKGA: Leadership for sea kayak guides / Shop Talk: God Tur. Reviewed:Kokatat Gore-Tex Expedition Dry Suit, extended test, Kayaking the Aleutians by Justine Curgenven, Kokatat Hydrus 3L Stoke Dry Top, Kokatat Hydrus 3L Whirlpool Bib, Kokatat Woolcore long-sleeve top and Woolcore pants.


Content in this issue includes: PADDLEexpo ‘Most Wanted’ / The Mull of Kintyre to the Clyde Part 1: Campbeltown to Cara / Seasonal Delights: Backyard paddle / Bushcraft: Finding and purifying water / Skye VI: MacLeod’s Maidens to Loch Pooltiel / Sea Kayak Kaizen / Navigation VI: Aiming off / Fishing from a sea kayak part 3: Preparing and cooking your catch / Seamanship: Seat of the pants navigation and weather / Shop talk: AS Watersports. Reviewed: Nikon AW1, VE Explorer Aircore Pro Carbon paddle, P&H Aries 155: Long term test and comparative review.


Content in this issue includes: “It’s too early in the year!” A winter trip to the Small Isles Part 2 / Eden to Currarong / Seasonal delights: Autumn’s nuts and bolts / Bushcraft: Shelter / The Isle of Skye Part 5: Loch Bracadale / Paddling by the seat of your pants / Islands Apart / Navigation 5: Fixes and triangulation / Five Years in a Valley Nordkapp / Fishing from a Sea Kayak Part Two: On the water (how to catch fish) / Greenland Paddler / Greenland bound: A paddler’s pilgrimage / Outfitting your Sea kayak / Contact towing. Reviewed: Zegul Arrow Play MV / Getaways.


Content in this issue includes: 360˚ / What’s on / Circumnavigating the Symposium Circuit / Paddling au naturel II / It’s too early in the year! A winter trip to the Small Isles  / Beating the bounce / Seasonal Delights – Rock pools / Bushcraft 2 – Wild Cooking / Skye IV: Rubh’ an Dùnain to Carbost / Navigation IV – Ranges and Lines of Positions / Paddling blindfolded / Fishing From a Sea Kayak – Assembling your kit for fishing / Greenland Paddler – the eternal quest for the perfect paddle / Seamanship – Tidal Waters  – races and over falls / Getaways / Reviews Dagger Stratos, Peak Tourlite Short-Sleeved Cag and SeaSpecs.


Content in this issue includes: 360˚ / What’s on / Ardtoe to Shoe Bay, Eilean Shona / Buying Your First Sea Kayak 2: Features, Fixtures and Fittings / Seasonal delights: Seeing Stars / Bushcraft 1: Fire / Leadership / Navigation 3: How to read a chart / Building au naturel / Shrike – Shrike Too: lightweight sea kayaks for home construction / Getaways / Reviewed: Perception Expression 15, Nookie Pathfinder II, Nookie Explorer II and Peak UK Adventure Vest and Explorer Zip PFDs.


Content in this issue includes: 360˚ / Wilderness lost and found in the Sound of Arisaig / Kayaking Michipicoten Island: Lake Superior’s Mystic Island of Failure / Vancouver Island Part II – Raptures of the North / Vancouver Island Part Getaways / Classic UK Paddling Destinations – Skye 3 / Current Concepts: Leadership / Navigation II: How to Use a Compass / Buying Your First Sea Kayak: Second-hand Kayaks / Greenland Paddler: Greenland kayak rolling: fad or functional? / Sea Crossings / ISKGA / Peak UK Explorer One Piece Review  / Gearlab Kuroshio Greenland Paddle Review / Getaways.


Content in this issue includes: 360˚ / Symposium round up / Grand Stories by Sea Kayak / Winter Destinations – Costa Brava 2 / Seasonal Delights – Humpback Island 1 / Vancouver Island Getaways / How well do you know your kayak? / Navigation 1 / The Isle of Skye II / Seamanship 1 / Greenland Paddler / PADDLEexpo Most Wanted / ISKGA Profile – Stephen Fuller / Reviewed: Zegul Searocket / Peak UK kit / Celtic Paddles Pro Sea Range / WindPaddle Adventure Sail.


Content in this issue includes: 360˚/ Touring West Coast USA like a Rock Star! / Most Wanted: Rock-hopping / Getaways Special: Rock-hopping / Greenland Paddler: Learning to balance and float / Classic UK Paddling Destinations: Skye part 1 / Iconic Paddles 2: Sydney Harbour / Photo Tips: Nailing the Focus / Technique: Foundations / Winter Destinations 1: The Costa Brava / Current Concepts 2: Kayak Handling / Life on the Edge: Knowing your Group / Getaways / ISKGA Guide Profile / Reviewed: Kayalu Power Suction Mount with Toughbar / Reviewed: P&H Hammer / Reviewed: Malin Gometra / Reviewed: Sea Kayak with Gordon Brown vol.3.


Content in this issue includes: 360˚/ A winter’s Day on the North Ardnamurchan Coast / Rock Garden Safety and Rescue/ /Photo Tips: Nightscapes: Night Sky Photography for Adventurers / Interview: Cheri Perry and Turner Wilson / Current Concepts: Visualization and Present/Future Water / Paddler’s Isle of Man – A guide to this hidden gem in the Irish Sea / Iconic Paddles: San Francisco Bay / Safer Sea Kayaking: Guiding Principles / Seasonal Delights: High Summer – Joyous journeys / Seashore Foraging: The Razor’s Edge / Getaways Special: Families and Children / Most Wanted: Families and Children / Reviewed: Zegul Greenland GT / Reviewed: Tiderace Vortex.


Content in this issue includes: Aleutians 2: Luck, Skill and Judgement / Interview: Simon Osborne / Skegs: Correct use and coping without one / 360˚/ Photo Tips: The small things in life / Seasonal Delights – summer: Island Insomnia / Classic UK Paddling Destination – Jersey / Seashore Foraging: Salad days / Reviewed: Rockpool Taran 16, This is the Sea 5 and Sea Kayak Essentials Vol. 2: Safety & Rescue Skills.


Content in this issue includes: Lendal and Celtic Paddles update / Asinara or bust – sea kayaking Sardinia / learning your first roll – three obstacles / 360˚ / Environmental issues / Classic overseas paddling destination – the Stockholm Archipelago/ /Photo tips – setting the settings / Top 10 Seasonal Delights / Classic UK paddling destination – Cornwall part 2 / Getaways – courses, trips and expeditions / Reviewed: Long term test of the P&H Cetus MV, North Shore Ocean 17, Peak UK Explorer one-piece, Sea Kayak Rescues DVD and Howard Jeff’s ‘SKANNA’.


Content in this issue includes: Sun, Sea and Sharks in the Bahamas / Paddling Pukaskwa / Skookumchuck – turbulent water / Crossing the line / Coaching and Leadership / 360 ̊/Environmental issues / Photo tips – using filters / Seasonal delights / Seashore foraging / Classic UK paddling destination – Northumberland and the Scottish borders / Reviewed: Long term test of the P&H Delphin, Kokatat’s 2012 expedition drysuit, Kokatat’s 2012 RoninPro BA, Rolling with sticks and the P&H skeg system mk2.


Content in this issue includes: Aleutians 2012 Expedition / Cumberland Island / Blade Awareness / Best paddling trips for amazing wildlife / 360˚ / Photo Tips – Composition / Seasonal Delights – Autumnal Rumbles / Seashore Foraging – The proof of the pudding is in the eating / Classic UK Paddling Destination – Pembrokeshire’s Islands / Reviews: The Valley Gemini ‘Twins’, Peak UK’s Tourlite Hoodie, Palm’s Aegean and Oceana Touring cags. Don’t miss this issue’s digital only content including Kayak Rolling with Helen Wilson.


Content in this issue includes: 360˚ / A Fyne time in Argyll, part 2: the mouth of Loch Fyne / Birding from a sea kayak / Technique: Sideways on the Move / How to get the most from your GoPro/ Seasonal Delights – High Summer / Seashore foraging / Grey seals – Make the most of your unforgettable experience / Understand, Do and Reflect / Classic UK Paddling Destination – ‘Kernow-agas-dynnergh’ – Welcome to Cornwall / Reviews: The Tahe Tandem Mini, This is the Roll, Expedition Skills and Ladies kit from Palm / Additional Digital Content Loch Fyne Gallery / Trips for Twitchers / GoPro Videos / Rolling with Helen Wilson / Getaways.


Content in this issue includes: A Fyne time in Argyll – Part one: Upper Loch Fyne / Sex, Slugs and Rocky Pools / Are you sitting comfortably? Dynamic posture for sea kayakers / Howard Jeffs Interview / Search and rescue: Training never stops! / When the tide is out, the table is laid…! / Turning in Wind / Classic UK Paddling Destination – Pembrokeshire in association with Sea Kayak Guides / Reviews: The Tahe CoastSpirit and Rough Water Handling.


Content in this issue includes: Port Huron to Home / Orkney: A trip to remember / Alaska Expedition tips from the field / Boat Trim: Free the kayak, feel the performance / Sea kayak sailing and safety / Close encounters… of a marine kind / Sea Survival II / Alderney – The rock in the river / Leadership essentials / Reviews: The North Shore Atlantic RM and Into the wind. Additional Digital Content Kayak rolling with Helen Wilson, Getaways and more.


Content in this issue includes: Dream Destination 2 – St Kilda / Raja Ampat: Paddling Nirvana / Sea Survival Revisited / Rough Water Handling: The Five Essentials / Nigel Foster’s Encounters / The Dangers of sun exposure – A personal story / Stretching for sea kayaking / Crabbing from a sea kayak / Reviews: The Zegul Baidarka, The P&H Aries and Schwarzer paddles. Additional Digital Content:Raja Ampat Gallery / Getaways – Winter warmers / 4* Assessment and Kayak rolling with Helen Wilson.


An Expedition Special.

Content in this issue includes: North Reef Expedition / Expedition Sea Kayaking by Jeff Allen / Expedition Photography / Shooting Kayakers / Expedition Dynamics / Expeditions by Nigel Foster / Sectional Kayaks / Expedition Top Tips / Leave no trace. Reviews:The SKUK Pilgrim Expedition, Sea Kayak with Gordon Brown v2, The Reed Chillcheater Pro-Instructor Dry Suit and Lendal’s Expedition paddles. Additional Digital Content: Expedition Photography examples / More Expedition Top Tips / Essential Course IV – REC Advanced First Aid / Expeditions and Courses and Helen Wilson’s Rolling Masterclass.


Content in this issue includes: Dream Destination 1 – the Sea of Cortez / A trip of discovery to the heart of the Cuillin Mountains / Around Ireland / Going Hard – an Alpinistic approach to sea kayaking / Eila Wilkinson Interview / Preventing sea kayak injuries / Nigel Foster’s ‘Encounters’ – Newfoundland squid / Essential Course III: 4* Training / Technique – the Pop out! Reviews:The Valley Etain 17-5 and RM, Werner’s Corryvrecken and Shuna paddles. Additional Digital Content:Dream Destination and Cuillin Mountains Galleries / Kayak Rolling and Q&A with Helen Wilson / Essential Course III – Detailed course provide feedback / Valley Etain RM Gallery and Photo Gallery.


Content in this issue includes: Kayaking Korea – Paddling with the Police and a Monk on a mission / Return to Islay / The Kingdom of Tramuntana: the North Costa Brava / Jon Turk / The Art and Science of Leadership / Essential course 2: Coastal Navigation and Tidal Planning/ Kayak Design – Questions answered. Reviews: Tiderace’s Xtreme, Zegul’s 530 and Yak’s Xipe. Additional Digital Content: DW and Korea Galleries / Kayak Rolling and Q&A with Helen Wilson / Yak Xipe Gallery / Zegul 530 Gallery/ Sea Kayaking Essentials DVD Review / Anglesey Sea Kayak Symposium 2011 Photo Gallery.


Content in this issue includes: The Solomon Islands / Retreat from Islay / Justine Curgenven Interview / Lessons Learnt / Advanced Journeying / Essential Course One – First Aid / Safety Gear – Location and Decisions / Kayak Construction 2 / Nigel Foster’s ‘Encounters’ – Grand Marais. Reviews: Valley’s Etain / The HandiKart. Additional Digital Content: Kayak rolling and Q&A with Helen Wilson / Valley Etain Gallery / mKettle Review / HandiKart Gallery.


Content in this issue includes: Hidden jewel of Loch Creran by Dr Douglas Wilcox / A Paddling Holiday in England? Not such a Scilly Idea / Kayak Construction by Aled Williams / Marcus Demuth Interview / Welcome to the Terror Zone by Jeff Allen / Sea Kayaking Injuries by Dr Martin Lee / Nigel Foster’s ‘Encounters’ – Driftwood / Mental Aspects of Sea Kayaking by Ra’anan Dagan / Kayak rolling and Q&A with Helen Wilson. Reviews:Point 65 XP18.


Content in this issue includes: ll a’Lorn at Sea on a Winter’s Night! / The West Fjords of Iceland / ‘Real kayaking’ in the Seychelles / Design / Nigel Foster’s ‘Encounters’ – 1666 and the Sea Hares / Night Photography / Finishing Forward, the Other Side to Rolling / Technique 1 – Edging / Technique 2 – Manoeuvring in strong wind. Reviews: Jeff Allen’s Throw Tow / The P+H Delphin / Kayak Fishing by Andy Benham.


Content in this issue includes: Round the Mull of Kintyre, with a gargoyle and an angry man! / Disko Bay, Greenland / The Cockpit / Kayak Fishing / Kayak Rolling III / Sea Kayaking Essentials: Difficult rough water landings / Nigel Foster’s Encounters – Faroe Islands reveal a dark secret. Reviews: The Outer Hebrides – Sea kayaking around the Isles & St Kilda / Flat Earth Kayak Sails / Tahe Reval Mini / Rockpool Taran / Peak UK Topdeck.


Content in this issue includes: Way out West: Sundown at Ardnamurchan / Southern Cyclades Paddle / Up the Downeast Coast / How is your kayak made?/ Kayak Rolling II / Sea kayaking essentials: Deep-water rescue / Nigel Foster’s Encounters. Reviews: P&H Cetus LV / Rockpool GT / Simplifying the roll by Helen Wilson / Buoyancy aid group test / Kayalu Kayalite.


Content in this issue includes: Isla Grande Tierra Del Fuego / My Private Galapagos / Sheep to Shepherd / A Feel for the Boat: Part 3 / Kayak Rolling / Classic Irish Sea Kayak Destination – Tory Island / Nigel Foster’s Encounters – Alligators / Brian Wilson’s ‘Stern Words. Reviews: P&H Cetus LV / Tahe Marine Greenland T / Peak Kit for Ocean Paddlers.


Content in this issue includes: Less is more on Lismore / Kayaking the 1000 islands off the Croatian coast / Weather for sea kayakers / The re-entry and roll / Classic Irish Sea Paddling / Should we go? – Planning sea kayaking expeditions for committing environments / Nigel Foster’s Encounters – Helena Star / Brian Wilson’s ‘Stern Words’. Reviews: Wilderness Systems 165 and 170 Pro / VHF radios with bluetooth / Kit from Kokatat / Paddle to Seattle DVD.


Content in this issue includes: Notes from Fiordland diary / Circumnavigating North Scotland / Night Navigation / Wild Food for Sea Kayakers / Feel for the Boat / Nigel Foster’s Encounters – Gannets / Brian Wilson’s ‘Stern Words’. Reviews: Greenland-Style Paddles / North Shore Atlantic and Atlantic LV.


Content in this issue includes: Seven years to Coll but it’s too late to call / Sea Kayak Scandinavia Pt. 2 – Stavangar to Havnomaden / Six months in / Medical aspects of sea kayaking / Nigel Foster’s Encounters – Polar Bears / Brian Wilson’s ‘Stern Words’. Reviews: Gath Helmets / TideRace sea kayaks / ‘Sea kayaking with Gordon Brown.


Content in this issue includes: At the edge of the world / Sardinia / A Peerie Paddle to Papa Stour / Incident Management revisited / Going Solo / The Scottish Sea Kayak Trail / Brian Wilson’s ‘Stern Words’. Reviews: Rockpool Menai 18 / Tahe Marine Greenland.


Content in this issue includes: Into the wilds of Patagonia / Island exile for two – return to civilization / Circumnavigation of the Falkland Islands / Return to Madagascar  / Nigel Foster’s ‘Encounters’ – Manatees / Paddling Alaska / Island escape / Brian Wilson’s ‘Stern Words’. Reviews: The Tahe Marine Reval / Mitchell Blades ‘Viper’.


Content in this issue includes: Island Exile for Two – Open Crossing to the Danjo Islands / The Phoenician Trail Part 1 / Circumnavigating Iceland – Orcas, Black Sands and Emergency Shelters / Bear conservation and safety / Five Star Training with Gordon Brown / Expedition Essentials / Kayaks, Kings and Castles / Circumnavigating Walney Island / Sea Kayak Handling – Excerpt form Doug Cooper’s new book.


Content in this issue includes: Narwhals and Inukshuks – a summer in Arctic Canada / Riding the Celtic Tiderace / Paddling the Cape / Alaska – did you know they eat bears? / Freya Hoffmeister – the big, bold woman in black / Rescuing sea kayaks / Lessons Learnt / Dressed to Kill / Brian Wilson’s Stern Words – Mightier than the Sword(fish). Reviews: The Perception Essence / This is the sea 4.


Content in this issue includes: Vancouver Island Circumnavigation II; Madagascar; Ireland Circumnavigation - Misha Hoichman on his and Alon Ohad’s trip around the Emerald Isle; A guide to playing the tide races of Holy Island, Anglesey - Phil Clegg’s third and final article on playing in tide races; Lessons Learnt; Forward Paddling - The most important stroke in Sea Kayaking - Nigel Dennis shows you how; Too afraid to ask - But I thought a Transit was a van?; Reviewed - The P+H Scorpio, Jodi Bigelow’s ‘Kayaking for Fitness’, ‘Ken Whiting’s Rolling a kayak - sea kayaking’, Kokatat’s SeaO2 Buoyancy Aid, The Olympus 1030SW - the ultimate camera for sea kayakers?; Brian Wilson’s ‘Stern Words’.

Ocean Paddler #11

Content in this issue includes: Vancouver Island Circumnavigation; Palawan – Island Paradise; Sea Kayak Scandinavia II - Kristiansand to Stavangar; Viva Gigha; Technique - The High Brace; Playing in Tides; How to - Open Crossings; Reviewed - SKUK’s Romany S and Point 65N’s 5-0-5, Argonauts of the Western Isles – 2008 edition and South West Sea Kayaking – Isle of Wight to the Severn Estuary; Brian Wilson’s – Stern Words.

Ocean Paddler #02

Content in this issue includes: West Cork with Jim Kennedy; Sark - the jewel of the Channel Islands; The Island of Jura; Antarctica - no rules; Classic UK Paddling Destinations - Cadgwith Cove to Mullion Cove; Incident Management 2; Reviewed: The SKUK Explorer HV; ‘The Northern Isles’, ‘Sea Kayaking’, the Jetboil Personal Cooking System and five sea kayak trolleys; Gordon Brown's Stern Words.

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Ocean Paddler #01 

Content in this issue includes: Jeff Allen Interview; Tackling Tassie; In search of the 4000-year-old Queen of the Inch’s glass covered coffin; Lopud, Sipan and Kolocep… the Elafiti Islands; Expedition planning, Sea kayak photography; Incident Management 1; P&H Cetus review; Reviews - Aquabound’s Eagle and Manta Ray paddles with T.L.C, Palm’s Combination Ocean Exp., Alex Matthews’ ‘Sea Kayaking: Rough Waters’ and Yak’s Horizon universal 'deck. Brian Wilson’s Stern Words!