Advertise in Ocean Paddler - the sea kayaking magazine

Image: 360˚ OP#48. Photo: Chris Crowhurst.

Advertise In Ocean Paddler - the sea kayaking magazine

An exciting concept in paddlesport publications; aimed solely at the sea and touring kayak paddler and published six times a year by Paddle Press Media, Ocean Paddler’s pages include trip and expedition reports, technique articles, reviews, guides, interviews and much, much more. all our articles inform, enthuse and excite today’s sea kayak paddler.

Sea kayaking covers many different elements; from day trips to overnight sojourns; from weekend to week-long paddles; from full-blown expeditions to short play sessions in surf or tidal races and all in conditions ranging from mild to wild and so do we… Beginners, intermediates, and experts alike revel in the coverage our publication brings to this amazing sport.

Printed on high quality paper, all from sustainable sources, Ocean Paddler is a huge step forward from other kayaking magazines; there are, of course, other paddlesport publications covering sea kayaking, but only one, Ocean Paddler, presents the sport in the manner it so richly deserves.

Through our determination to include only the very best content we have secured the exclusive services of the World’s best paddlesport wordsmiths and photographers, all of whom continue to be as excited about Ocean Paddler as we are!

Through the print and new digital versions of Ocean Paddler – you can target your customers like never before – filled with the highest quality content and printed on the highest quality paper, Ocean Paddler will carry your message to thousands of potential customers.

Advertise In Ocean Paddler Magazine and target over 10,000 sea kayakers that read each digital or print version of Ocean Paddler. Our digital versions / e-mags can be viewed online or downloaded as a PDF for printing and offline and / or e-reader viewing. These digital publications include audio and video files that enhance the Ocean Paddler ‘experience’ substantially. Any advertising placed in the magazine does of course appear in our full digital versions with links. Our digital only subscriptions now stand at several hundred readers and we are delighted to announce that we have had 80 canoe and kayak clubs / associations with sea kayakers sign up for free access to our digital issues. The list of clubs signing up increases every day and we estimate we’ll have 100+ by the end of May. Those already involved include the Canoe Association of Northern Ireland (CANI), Lothian Sea Kayak Club, Tampa Bay Sea Kayakers, North East Sea Kayakers (NESKY), Stavanger Kajakklubb, Ringwood Canoe Club, Queensland Sea Kayak Club and Newport Paddlers plus many, many more. Membership of the 50+ canoe and kayak clubs and associations that have signed up so far stands at over 8000 paddlers!

Additional digital content
We’ll soon be increasing the pagination of the digital / e-mag versions of Ocean Paddler. The focus of the printed version of the magazine will remain the same but the additional e-mag content will look predominantly at the introductory and novice side of sea and touring paddling. We believe that this additional content will be of particular interest to many of the club and association members that now have free access to our digital issues.

Advertising and Editorial Deadlines for 2019

Issue #74 on sale.
Issue #75 Advert / Editorial deadline: 6 April. On sale: 20 April.
Issue #76 Advert / Editorial deadline: 1 June. On sale: 15 June.
Issue #77 Advert / Editorial deadline: 27 July. On sale: 10 August.
Issue #78 Advert / Editorial deadline: 23 September. On sale: 7 October.
Issue #79 Advert / Editorial deadline: 16 November. On sale: 6 December.

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6 Issues: £275 per issue

Quarter page
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6 Issues: £165 per issue


Eighth page
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6 Issues: £110 per issue

Web site adverts
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£450 per annum

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Eighth page (landscape)
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Copy requirements

High-resolution PDFs, with all fonts embedded, are preferred via e-mail / Dropbox / Hightail etc. 

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